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General Information

Hunting Seasons

As unlike most countries, New Zealand has no government imposed hunting seasons for Big Game Hunting. Our big game hunting starts in February and finishes in August.

As you’re probably aware, New Zealand’s seasons are opposite to those in the Northern Hemisphere. When it’s winter there, it’s summer here.

Traveling to New Zealand

There are daily direct flights that leave Los Angeles and San Francisco for Auckland, which is your point of entry to New Zealand. Auckland is also the port where you will clear customs. From there you will fly to Queenstown. We suggest you arrive 1-2 days prior to your hunt commencing, so you can adjust to our climate and get over any jet lag you may have.

Further detailed information is available here.

Arrival and Departure

All hunters fly in and out of Queenstown.

Importation of Firearms

New Zealand is a “hunter friendly” destination. It is very easy to bring a conventional sporting firearm into the country. 
For import application form apply online at:
It should take no longer than 5-10 minutes to clear your guns on arriving at Auckland International Airport. 

You will require the below information for application:

Our Hunting Lodge address:
1327 Birchwood Road
South Island
Phone 03-438-9819

Gary Herbert’s
NZ Firearms No: R0458376
Licence expiry date: 8 December 2025

Rifles and Shooting Distances


Shots will vary from 100-250 yards. Any calibre between the .270 and .300 Win Mag is adequate for New Zealand hunting conditions. We have good reliable firearms available for people who do not wish to bring their own.



We have a number of archery hunters each season and our clients enjoy 100% opportunity on all species. 

Red Stag and Fallow Deer


The Stag rut or roar begins late March and continues through to early May. During this time, the Stags become very vocal and sometimes aggressive. Our Stag and Fallow deer are hunted on privately owned land. Our total Stag hunting area is 40,000 acres and is a combination of both free range and high fenced. The terrain on these ranches vary from small rolling hill country to near mountainous terrain.

Wapiti (Elk)

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Elk are hunted on the same properties as our Stag and Fallow and our hunters continually take impressive trophies with both rifle and archery.

Tahr and Chamois

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Tahr and Chamois can only be hunted in a defined area of the South Island in New Zealand and our lodge is the only lodge you can hunt both these species “free range”, minutes from our backdoor. They can be hunted in many different ways, on foot, spike camp, or helicopter assisted. Tahr and Chamois rut May, June and early July. At this time the mature Bulls have their long winter coats. They can successfully be hunted from mid February though August.

Duck Hunting

The season starts on the first Saturday in May and finishes the last Sunday in July. During this season you’ll hunt Mallard, Grey, Shoveller and Paradise ducks, Black Swan, Canadian Geese and Pheasant. The limits are a mixed bag of 50 ducks, 5 swans and no limit on geese.

Small Game Hunting

We have a large number of wallaby, hare and rabbit in our region and it is not uncommon for a hunter to shoot 80-100 rabbits in an afternoon.

Suggested Hunting Combinations

  • February: Stag, Wapiti, Fallow, Chamois, Tahr, Boar, Fishing
  • March: Stag, Wapiti, Fallow, Chamois, Tahr, Boar, Waterfowl and Fishing
  • April: Stag, Fallow, Wapiti, Chamois, Tahr, Boar and Fishing
  • May and June: Tahr, Chamois, Stag, Fallow, Wapiti, Boar and Waterfowl
  • July and August: Tahr, Chamois, Stag, Fallow and Boar


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New Zealand’s weather is very unpredictable. It can snow and rain at any time of year, so it’s important that you bring good warm and waterproof clothing.

  • February and March: Summer with temperatures between 35-75 degrees
  • April and May: Autumn with temperatures between 32-65 degrees
  • June and July: Winter with temperatures between 28-55 degrees

Distance Between Queenstown and Lodge

From Queenstown to the hunting lodge is 2 hours by vehicle.

Expediting of Trophies


All trophy preparation/crating is done in our own facility. We have a full time “in house” expediting service. This means we have 100% control over the way our hunters trophies are cared for and prepared for shipping. We are one of the only hunting companies in New Zealand that do this. Most other hunting companies take your trophies to their local taxidermist and have them prepare the hides. Unfortunately by doing this the other New Zealand hunting companies loose control over the way your trophies are handled and prepared for shipping. Our clients typically have their trophy shipment at their taxidermist within 2-3 months of their hunt.

New Zealand Hunting Video/DVD

There is a promotional DVD available. This will show you in detail what to expect when hunting with us in New Zealand.

Cancellation Policy

 All deposits are 100% nonrefundable. If you cancel your hunt within 180 days prior to it commencing your entire deposit payment can be credited to the following year. If you cancel your hunt under 180 days only 50% of your deposit will be credited to the following year.