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Important Points to Consider

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Keep in mind when planning your New Zealand hunt that this will more than likely be a once in a life time experience. Be sure to understand, that you do and will always get what you pay for. It’s easy sometimes at the planning stage to be blinded by the “special deal” or “show special” but New Zealand is not the type of hunt destination that you should cut corners on. Sometimes it make sense to pay 15% more for something but get 50% more for your money.
Ask yourself, am I looking for the drop camp/budget type hunt or am I looking for a quality all round hunt experience at a fair price. If you say I’m looking for the drop camp/budget type hunt, then we are not the people to do your hunt with.

How ever, if you are looking for the following, then you should strongly consider our company.

  • An outfitter that owns the hunting area and animals
  • Owns the finest full time hunting Lodge in New Zealand
  • Able to hunt all South Island species from the one Lodge
  • Hands on outfitter with 20 years experience
  • Experienced full time hunting guides
  • Specializes in non hunter activities for non hunting guest and families
  • Non restrictive scoring opportunities on Stag and Elk hunts
  • Offers both foot and helicopter access for Tahr and Chamois hunts
  • Full time helicopter and plane services based from the lodge 
  • A full time representative in the States to assist you in hunt planning and trophy importation
  • In house trophy prep/crating/documentation and shipping service
  • Hunt satisfaction policy
  • SCI International Professional hunter of the Year
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One of the biggest advantages that hunters have when hunting with us is there are “no surprises”. As you will more than likely be aware most of the Stag and Elk hunts in New Zealand are hunted and priced by the score of the trophy. Most New Zealand outfitters have only one hunting area where you will see Stag and Elk ranging in size from 300-400+. One of the main issues with this, is you will have to ask your guide this questions every time you see a Stag, “is that Stag in my class”? He will either say yes it is or no it’s not it’s a lot bigger but for an extra $10,000 you can shoot that stag. Or even worse sometimes the guide will say yes that Stag is in your class so you shoot it and once you get up to the Stag he’s allot bigger than your guide thought, now you have to pay for the guides mistake!!

By hunting with us you avoid this type of experience as our 5 hunting properties are managed so you can hunt any animal of any size on that property for the one price. For example when you book any Stag or Elk hunt with us you have the luxury of hunting for the biggest animal on that property with out the guide saying, “you can’t shoot that Stag because he’s to big”. If you are lucky enough to shoot a Stag on that property that exceeds the estimated score bracket then that’s a bonus and there’s no additional fee for this. This is what we believe hunting should be about! 

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